Top Trends in Curtains for 2023: Colors, Styles and Designs


  1. The Hottest Colors in Curtains for 2023
  2. Bold and Creative Styles in Curtains
  3. Innovative Designs in Curtains
  4. Mixing and Matching Curtain Trends
  5. Conclusion and Final Thoughts on 2023 Curtain Trends

Keeping your windows dressed to impress is an easy way to stay on trend with the latest interior design styles. New fabrics, colors, patterns, and designs are emerging rapidly in the home decor world, and window treatments are no exception.

Each year, curtain lines introduce bolder colors, unique materials, and trendier patterns to help homeowners create a look that is fresh and fashionable. Top Trends in Curtains for 2023 predicts the colors, styles, designs, and details that are set to become popular design choices beginning this year.

Some key trends to watch include:

  • Deeper, bolder colors: Think shades of emerald, terracotta, forest green, and eggplant instead of beige or navy. Rich, jewel-tone hues create a moody ambiance.
  • Natural, textured fabrics: Everything from linen and cotton duck to jute, sisal, and seagrass is coming on strong. Earthy, tactile fabrics ground a space and are perfect for casual country or coastal decor.
  • Global inspiration: Curtain designs featuring Aztec prints, Moroccan tiles, Persian rug motifs or Indian paisley bring exotic flair and worldly wonder. Geometric patterns also provide interest without being too busy.
  • Lush, tropical prints: If you want to channel a beachy, resort vibe, look for curtains adorned with hibiscus, palm fronds, seashells, or surfboard silhouettes. Pair with teal, turquoise, or tangerine accents.
  • Mixed media: Layer luscious ribbons, raffia, leather cords, or rattan with fabric for addictive textures. Or combine linen with leather strips or jute for a stylish mashup.
  • tailored drapes: Drapes are making a major comeback, but with a sleeker, more tailored profile versus voluminous swags. Think crisply pleated charmeuse or silk.

This year's trends designate a desire to surround ourselves with beauty, comfort, and style. Pulling these colors, designs, materials, and details together will enable you to create memorable spaces meant for hosts of experiences with friends and family. Stay on top of the trends and your windows will always be dressed with the latest looks!

The Hottest Colors in Curtains for 2023

Top Trends in Curtains for 2023: Colors, Styles and Designs

Color is always a top choice when it comes to envisioning a new look for your windows and space. Bold hues create dramatic impacts, while soft shades suitable for layering provide nuance and comfort. This year, several shades stand out as curtain color trends to try:

  • Emerald green: An eye-catching emerald shade is perfect for creating an earthy, woodland oasis. Pair with natural fibers like linen or cotton duck for a relaxed cottage feel.
  • Terracotta: A sunbaked terracotta provides warmth and whimsy. Think hand-embroidered cotton in a deep biscuit shade for a rustic, bohemian space.
  • Forest green: A mossy, moody forest green epitomizes coziness and seclusion. Lush forest green silk or velvet drapes frame windows for an enveloping escape.
  • Eggplant: A deep, jewel-toned eggplant purple adds drama and allure. Pair eggplant curtains with gold accents or trim for a lavish, decadent space.
  • Sand dune: For those wanting to evoke the desert, a light tawny sand dune works beautifully. Linen or cotton curtains in a weathered sand shade create a sense of wind-swept solitude.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal grey is always a timeless, sophisticated choice. Charcoal silk, cotton, or velvet curtains provide visual intrigue with a hint of mystery.
  • Rose gold: Magnificent rose gold is the ultimate glamour shade. Rose gold silk, satin or lace curtains drape windows for an opulent, lavish boudoir.

Other emerging trend shades include teal, olive, sage, and lavender. Bolder patterns in inky navy, crimson, mustard, and terra cotta also mix prints with solid shades of these bold hues for extra punch.

This year, let your imagination run wild with vivid shades, and feel free to break free of neutral beiges and creams. The hottest colors for curtains in 2023 will make every window a stunning, eye-catching focal point. Choose your favorites and get designing for a space full of visual vibrancy!

Bold and Creative Styles in Curtains

Top Trends in Curtains for 2023: Colors, Styles and Designs

New curtain lines are pushing the envelope with bolder styles, unique fabrics, and more creative designs. If you want to make a memorable statement, try curtains featuring some of these emerging trend styles:

  • Raffia and leather: Intertwining raffia, rattan, or leather cords for a natural yet commandingly textured look. Pair raffia curtains with terra cotta walls for a beachy boho vibe or leather for an edgy urban loft feel.
  • Seagrass: Woven seagrass curtains provide an organic, beachy texture. Natural seagrass shades from wheat to seafoam green create a relaxed, coastal ambiance.
  • Sisal: Strong, rough hemp sisal is ideal for an industrial yet rustic space. Thrashy sisal curtains in copper, charcoal, or olive work for a materials-forward minimalist aesthetic.
  • Aztec or Moroccan patterns: Bold ethnic patterns featuring Aztec tiles, Moroccan arches, or Persian rug motifs bring vibrant global inspiration. Pair with equally bold colors for an exotic, world-traveled vibe.
  • Palm fronds: Fanned-out motifs inspired by lush tropical palms radiate beachy bliss. Palm frond patterns in teal, turquoise, sea green, or tangerine translate a beachfront resort feel.
  • Geometric tiles: Vibrantly colored or pewter grey geometric tiles instill mid-century modern glamour. Curtains adorned with cubed, trapezoidal, or chevron tiles frame windows with a sleek, retro pop.
  • MacramĂ©: Natural white cotton woven in an intricate macramĂ© pattern creates a relaxed, Bohemian allure. MacramĂ© curtains casually obscure views while invigorating the space with textural interest.
  • Mixed media: Exploring the possibilities of combining different textured fabrics brings a creative dimension. For example, layering linen and leather; rattan and silk; or jute and lace. Mixing patterns and plaids also generates visual energy.

Trendy colors, unique materials, woven patterns, and mixed media pairings bring bold flair and creative style to curtains and window treatments this year. Embrace unexpected textures, vibrant patterns, and fearless color combinations for stylish spaces guaranteed to inspire curiosity and conversation. Curtains are no longer an afterthought-they are a focal point!

Innovative Designs in Curtains

Top Trends in Curtains for 2023: Colors, Styles and Designs

Curtain manufacturers are pushing the envelope with innovative designs poised to transform how we think about window dressings. From origami-inspired pleats to laser cutouts, these emerging designs bring intuitive creativity and visual drama.

  • Waterfall pleats: Extra-long, irregular pleats cascade over the bottom hem for a romantic, free-flowing waterfall effect. Perfect for layered, billowy curtains.
  • Asymmetric hems: Curved, zigzag, or stepped hems create an edgy, asymmetrical silhouette. Provide balance as a symmetrical counterpart for creative contrast.
  • Laser cutouts: Precise laser cutting allows for everything from geometric shapes to leaf and vine motifs. Cutouts reveal peek-a-boo views and aerial patterns for a futuristic, high-tech feel.
  • Origami folds: Folding and pinching fabric at angles to form origami-like triangles, diamonds, and daggers. Origami fold curtains showcase a masterful, multidimensional sculptural quality.
  • Raw edge: An unfinished, "raw" edge where the fabric has been torn rather than hemmed provides a rugged, organic edge. Raw edge curtains have a wildly untamed, adventurous spirit.
  • Ruching: Gathering and pulling sections of the fabric to create subtle ruching, puckering, and rounded lines. Ruching adds soft, fluid movement and dimension.
  • Fringe: Cutting slits or notches in the hem to create a fringe. Long, asymmetrical, or graduated fringe curtains have a carefree, travels-the-world ambiance.
  • Stitching: Thick topstitching, quilting, embroidery, or smocking brings dimension, pattern, and texture. Bold stitching in contrasting threads pulls all the right design strings.
  • Beading: Adorning the edges, hems, or panels with beads for added glamour, ornament, or pattern. Beaded curtains capture the essence of opulence, extravagance, and glitz.

From waterfalls to origami to fringe and beyond, innovative curtain designs are paving the way for new levels of creativity, dimension, and visual style. There are no rules when it comes to window dressings in 2023. Embrace uniqueness and visual drama with an open and experimental spirit. Curtains are the perfect canvas for showcasing your most ambitious design-forward concepts yet.

Top Trends in Curtains for 2023: Colors, Styles and Designs

The trends laid out across these pages nail some of the hottest colors, styles, fabrics, and designs coming together for curtains and window treatments this year. But combining multiple trends is how creative magic is made.

Some ways to mash up trends include:

  • Terracotta seagrass curtains: The warm burnt sienna of terracotta pairs perfectly with the natural texture of seagrass for a beachy boho look.
  • Emerald green woven wood shades: Woven wood patterns in emerald and forest green create a lush, woodland layering for a cottage-chic refuge.
  • Rose gold geometric tiles: Opulent rose gold silk or satin curtains are elevated by embellishment with rose gold metallic geo tile shapes for lavish glamour.
  • Palm frond prints in charcoal: Tropical palm frond prints in charcoal grey, navy, and deep olive provide an exotic, stylish backdrop for a mid-century modern space.
  • Linen blended with leather cords: Natural linen blended with dark leather cord details instills casual sophistication with beachy-meets-edgy flair. Perfect for a coastal loft.
  • Eggplant silk and gold trim: A deep, eggplant purple silk base is made regal through accents of metallic gold trim, tasseled tiebacks, and headed drape rings. Decadent drama in every direction.
  • Charcoal seagrass with white piping: Weathered charcoal grey seagrass curtains line windows for a relaxed beachy escape. White piping along the edges and hem provides a crisp contrasting accent.
  • Aztec tile patterns in forest green: Bold Aztec tile motifs in forest and olive green create a lush, globally-inspired feel. The forest's green color grounds an otherwise patterned treatment.

Mix patterns, colors, materials, and details for extra visual impact. Or opt for more minimal pairings of complementary hues. The possibilities for creative combining are endless. Let your curiosity guide you to new combinations that ignite inspiration and make a memorable impact.

Top Trends in Curtains for 2023: Colors, Styles and Designs

In summary, Top Trends in Curtains for 2023 predicts the colors, styles, designs, fabrics, and details set to become favorites this year and beyond. From bolder colors and patterns to innovative styles and mixed media, curtains are gaining more creative expression than ever before. Take inspiration from the trends outlined here but make curtains uniquely your own. Experiment with color, patterns, fabrics, styles, and combinations that fuel passion. Push design boundaries or embrace minimalism. Find the balance of on-trend and timeless that expresses your personal style.

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