Custom Products Price Guideline

To know more about our custom products pricing, kindly check this guidelines:

Basic Price

1.) When you land on the product page on our custom products, base price will show below the product titles.


2.) Some options have different pricing add-ons which depends on the preferred customization. The prices now will change according to your add-ons. 

Total Price

3.) The total price of the whole customization will be reflected on the product page. However, when if you increase the quantity on the current product page, the updated price will show on the cart page after clicking the Add to Cart button,


4.) When you update the quantity on the cart page or on the cart drawer, the page reloads to update the pricing. Please be advised that the price add-ons will show on this page including the base price of the curtains. On the cart page, you can also add your discount codes. 

*Input your discount codes in cart, refer to below photo:

Calculate the price

5.) On the checkout page, the base price + customization of each products is more detailed. On the example below, the two first products are the customization add on with their total value and the two last products are the base curtain prices multiplied by the number of quantity preferred. 

Still need help?

For price calculation and if you have other concerns, reach out to us to get customer service.

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