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Soundproof Curtains
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Our custom made, laboratory tested and field proven STC sound blocking Curtains and Drapes block outside noise, and light.

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Upgrade Your Living Space

Made with high-quality velvet, these curtains not only add a touch of elegance to any room, but also offer unparalleled noise control. Enjoy peace and quiet in your home or office, and create a sanctuary from outside noise.

  • Light insulation: 100% blackout effect for improved sleep quality.
  • Sound insulation: Noise reduced, reaching a drop of up to 12 decibels (Tested by Intertekexperimental report no. 240204007SHF-002)
  • Sound Absorption: 40% of sound in the space can be absorbed (Tested by Intertekexperimental report no. 240204007SHF-001)

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Soundproof Curtains

What is Soundproof Curtain?

A soundproof curtain is a heavy, dense curtain designed to block or reduce sound transmission from one area to another. It typically features multiple layers of thick fabric, sometimes with added materials like foam or fiberglass, to absorb and dampen sound waves. These curtains are commonly used in recording studios, theaters, apartments, and homes to minimize external noise or to create a quieter environment within a space.

Custom Soundproof Curtain for Any Room

Custom soundproof curtains can be used in any room where noise reduction or sound isolation is desired.

Home theaters

To minimize sound leakage and create a more immersive viewing experience.

Children's Rooms:

To create a quieter environment for sleep and playtime.


To reduce noise from outside traffic, neighbors, or other sources, promoting better sleep.


To create a quieter workspace by blocking out distracting noises from adjacent areas.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Soundproof Curtain?

  • Noise reduction: Soundproof curtains can significantly reduce the amount of noise entering or leaving a room, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

  • Privacy: By blocking sound transmission, these curtains help maintain privacy by preventing conversations or activities from being overheard.

  • Improved sleep quality: Soundproof curtains can minimize disturbances from outside traffic, neighbors, or other sources, promoting better sleep and rest.

  • Enhanced concentration: By reducing background noise, soundproof curtains can help improve focus and concentration, making them beneficial in home offices, study areas, or workspaces.

How to Style Your Soundproof Curtain?

Layer with Sheer Curtains:

To maintain privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through, consider layering your soundproof curtains with white sheer curtains. This adds depth to the window treatment and softens the overall appearance.

Use Decorative Hardware:

Choose decorative curtain rods, finials, or tiebacks that complement the style of the curtains and enhance the overall aesthetic of the room.

Accessorize with Valances or Cornices:

Add visual interest to the top of the curtains by incorporating valances or cornices. These decorative elements can help conceal the curtain hardware and provide a polished finishing touch to the window treatment.

How to Choose the Right Soundproof Curtain?


Thicker curtains tend to provide better sound insulation. Look for curtains with multiple layers or consider adding a liner.


Consider the curtain's appearance and how it complements your room decor while still meeting your soundproofing needs.

Length and Width:

Ensure the curtains are long and wide enough to cover the entire window or doorway to prevent sound leakage.

Measuring and Installing Soundproof Curtain
  • Width measurement: Typically, your curtains should be 1.5 to 2 times wider than your window for full coverage. Adjust this based on specific needs (bedrooms will require more width for as much darkness possible.)

  • Height measurement: Measure from the frame's top to your preferred curtain length. Don't forget to add an extra 6 to 12 inches to accommodate the curtain rod.

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