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I can't say that I have finally achieved a big goal because this type of accomplishment had never even entered the realm of my imagination. But here we are – I have an exclusive printed drape collection with Two Pages Curtains. I designed the unique block print pattern and selected all other patterns and color combinations to create a neutral yet texture rich collection. My hope is that these drapes will appeal to many different design styles and will be enjoyed in various rooms and settings.




I own multiple linen pinch peat drapes from the Two Pages solid colors collection. They have even a best seller for over two years now. You can find instructions on how to Hang Drapes Like a Pro in this post. The Two Pages drapes come in a lot of width and length options. They will fit almost any window size but there is also a fully customizable option here.

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Printed Drape Collection

Even though solid colors are very popular, there is definitely room for some subtle and classic prints. Block prints like the one I designed are a favorite way to add subtle texture to textiles without overwhelming with traditional florals. The block print comes in small and large size options. The rest of the patterns are classics – from polka dots to plaids, checks, and stripes.




The Fabric

My exclusive printed drape collection has the same linen blend fabric as the original solid drapes. The patterns are only on the front side of the material. The back side is a solid color unlike woven textiles where the different color threads make up the pattern. Here, the pattern is digitally printed on one side of a solid base color fabric. Currently the print drapes are available unlined in 21 color combinations. Limited quantities while they last. You can order the swatch book here.




Kids Rooms

The patterns and colors of the exclusive printed drape collection are versatile and appropriate for any room. Even kids rooms and nurseries. But I did create a few combinations specifically with kids rooms in mind. I tried some of them in my daughter's room and they're absolutely gorgeous!




Shop the collection

There are two ways to shop the collection. On Amazon and directly on the Two Pages website – type Stefana Silber in the search bar. Tap the photos below to shop each color on Amazon:

Double Windowpane
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