How long do the gift cards last?

12 Months at most.

 What is Twopages Rewards?

Twopages Rewards is a loyalty program with rewards and surprises for every Twopages member. You can earn rewards points through every purchase or other activities and spend the reward points on your future purchases.

 How do I join the Rewards program?

All customers with a Twopages account are automatically enrolled in Rewards.

It is free to join. Sign up here to become a Twopages Member.
Be sure to
sign in to receive your points! (Note: we cannot offer points for purchases made if you check out as a guest.)

How to use Points?

1. Open the Rewards Widget

You can also access dashboard through page here.

2. Earn points and get rewards

Check ways to earn points and get rewards.

3. Redeem and copy your code
4. Use the code at checkout page

The code redeemed through Rewards Program can used with other discount code.

Just apply other discount code first and then input the code redeemed at the checkout page later.