Window Treatment Ideas – TWOPAGES' 6 Core Curtains to Dress on New Year's Eve

Are you looking to revamp your house's interior this New Year's Eve? We are here with some of the best windows treatments ideas!

 Windows covering give you a chance to be creative and set the tone for the whole interior of your house. As important as the paint of your house is, window coverings are equally important to complement it. Whether you want something sophisticated or vintage, neutrals or bold colors, there are so many options to choose from.

 windows treaments

In this article, we have brought to you 6 core curtains from Two-Pages, that can suit any style or preference. Whether you have large windows or small, they have curtains in various styles, textures and colors so you can enhance your house this new year’s eve.

Why Are Windows Treatments Important?

Other than offering the basic function of covering windows, curtains bring multiple other benefits to a home. These days, people are using dual curtains, one to cover the daylight and the others to accentuate it. Then there are those beautiful sheer curtains to enhance the décor even more. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to change the whole interior of a house; just a little windows treatments is enough!

 white curtains

If you feel that your house looks dull and boring, you can add some bright colored curtains. Or, if you think that your house isn't sophisticated enough, add beige or other neutral colored curtains. You can even play with different textures to enhance the look. For example, velvet curtains can give your house the edge. Before you go to search curtains, here we have listed the 6 best curtain designs from TWOPAGES curtains that you can get for this New Year’s Eve!

6 Curtains from TWOPAGES for This New Year's Ever

Every New Year's Eve brings many special memories for the whole house. We all decorate our house with lights and different ornaments to enjoy the magic of Christmas and new year's eve. So if you are looking for some good options to change your curtains, we have chosen the best six from the TWOPAGES' collection to make your work easy.

These curtains are versatile and classic and come with many unique color themes to suit every style and preference. Let’s check them out! 


1.   LIZ Linen Curtain 

Whether you wish to change curtains in your bedroom or your patio, this linen curtain drapery is perfect for every house and every room!

Liz linen curtain is a timeless yet contemporary piece that never goes out of style and provides all the benefits you are looking for in a curtain. From ensuring that your house stays cool to offering a nice subtle look, these curtains are the first choice of most homeowners. Why? It's because they are solid colored and have a very minimal aesthetics to them so that you can use them in any part of the house, and it will go with the overall interior of the house.

If you have high windows in your lounge or need some windows treatment for the patio door, TWOPAGES curtains also offer extra size curtains to cater to your needs. They are sold per panel, so you can get how many inches you want. The color themes range from neutrals to bright, bold, or classic ones.

Features of Liz Linen Curtains

Here are some of its most prominent features:

  • Offers complete blackout option for the sunlight with its thermal blackout foam coat
  • Made with eco-friendly material
  • Perfect for energy-efficient people
  • Comes in various designs, including pinch pleated
  • Various lining options
  • Made with a faux linen
  • Can be used in house, halls, offices, restaurants or clubs
Linen Curtain


    They come in various styles, including:

    • Vintage
    • Modern
    • Luxury
    • Nautical
    • Shabby Chic
    • Country
    • Coastal
    • Casual
    • Contemporary
    • Classic

      2.    Ceiling Room Divider

      Sharing a room isn't so bad anymore, thanks to TWOPAGES Ceiling Room Divider!

      Whether you have to share your room with your sibling at home or in a dorm room, this ceiling room divider is definitely a live changer. We all want our privacy and need to relax without the thought of someone watching us. Sound is not as big a problem as visibility, so you can get that privacy you need with this ceiling room divider. Other than that, it can also be used to separate one room into two portions or to cover some part of the house.

      Due to increased rents, there are shared workspaces, basements, studios, and whatnot. They are definitely convenient, but they can hinder the work you are doing or disrupt the privacy if someone is constantly lurking around. All these problems are solved with these curtains. Also, you don't need to worry about the interior because they come in a minimal and basic design that can go with any room and can be moved while not in use.

       Ceiling Room Divider



      • It can be used in shared bedrooms, dorms, workspaces, studios, storage, basements, or any other place where you want to create or separate space
      • It comes in six different sizes ranging from small to extra size curtains to fit any space
      • It is available in 5 colors
      • They are easy to install and will last for a long time

        3.    Edith Waterproof Drapery

        Do you think your outdoor décor is missing something? Why not add some beautiful curtains!

        You must not like the idea of having curtains in the outdoors at first, but they can offer many benefits if you think about it. There are so many resorts and hotels that give their outdoors a dreamy look with neutral-colored curtains as they fly with the wind, and who doesn't want that? They are also great at providing shade from the sun or when it is too hot to stay outside. If you are worried about them getting damaged, then don't. The Edith Waterproof Drapery is fade-resistant, waterproof and perfectly safe to be used outdoors.

         Waterproof Drapery

        These curtains allow filtered sunlight, and you can even add weights at its bottom to keep them from flying around. They are made in such a way that they can withstand the blow from the air with their heavyweight but at the same time are light enough to fly with the breeze. Moreover, they offer a great option to enjoy some privacy from the neighbors.


        • They are sold per panel, so you can get as much as you want
        • You can wash them in cold water and then tumble dry or do quick ironing. You can also do steam clean when required
        • It is made with fade-resistant and waterproof fabric and tested in relevant labs.
        • It comes in three basic colors: beige, brown and white.
        • Offers protection from UV rays and insulates thermal to keep your outdoors cool

          4.    Isabella Linen Curtain

          Block the sunlight and enjoy more privacy with these linen cotton curtains!

          Isabella Linen Curtain is a classic blend of cotton and linen to offer comfort and a fine-looking design for your bedroom, living room, halls, clubs, or they can also be used as room dividers. The reason why people mostly use these curtains is that they are made from eco-friendly material and have durability. Moreover, its classic fabric and design never go out of style, so buying this is definitely an investment.

          The blend of fabrics in these curtains helps maintain the temperature of your home, so you don't have to worry about the weather conditions. No matter what color your room or interior is, there are many colors and textures to choose from. You can even style it with other sheer or printed curtains to give the room a nice contemporary look or use them on their own.

          Linen Curtains


          • It comes in 25+ color theme options
          • They are solid-patterned so can go with any furniture
          • Other than the home, they can also be used in offices, restaurants, halls, studios, or other suitable places
          • They can be used for room darkening by offering 85-95% blackout from the sunlight
          • They are made eco-friendly and let you be energy efficient
          • You can get them either lined or unlined, depending on your preference


          • Vintage
          • Modern
          • Luxury
          • Nautical
          • Shabby Chic
          • Country
          • Coastal
          • Casual
          • Contemporary
          • Classic


          5.    Outdoor Waterproof Curtain

          Give your patio a resort-like look with these outdoor waterproof curtain!

          If you want to revamp your exterior design, we have another option for you. These curtains can be used for patio, grommet, balcony, or other outdoor space to offer shade and aesthetic design. It is made with an innovative fabric that insulates heat and cold and also reduces the noise so you can sit back and relax.

           Outdoor Waterproof Curtain

          Having curtains in the outdoors comes with many risks of getting damaged or flying away in windy situations; however, these curtains are made specifically for the outdoors. They are rustproof, waterproof, and can be used anywhere you want due to their versatile design and colors. Additionally, they come with easy to maintain option where you can either clean them in a washing machine or steam clean them to put some life back.


          • Thermal Insulation
          • Noise Reduction
          • UV Light protection
          • Machine Washable
          • 10+ colors available
          • Easy to install
          • Can be used in:
            • Patio
            • Pergola
            • Porch
            • Cabana
            • Gazebo
            • Covered Patio
            • Beach Home
            • Dock

            6.    Lao Hang Zhou Silk Curtains

            Give your house an elevated look with this elegant silk curtain drapery!

            Nothing is more royal and elegant than silk curtains draping your windows covering, enhancing the overall look of the room. There are endless options to design them, from pinch pleated to frills, and they look beautiful when hanged without any design. You can even add another set of curtains to complement it and give your space a more edgy look.

             Silk Curtains

            If you want to give your home a cozy and modern vibe, these Lao Hang Zhou curtains are a must. Their anti-noise property helps you relax, and its fabric naturally rejects dirt, dust or other debris. Then there is some amazing temperature maintaining properties, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. They are also at a sale, so you don't have to pay as much as silk curtains usually cost. Although they come in many colors, our personal favorite is navy blue that can be complemented with sheer white curtains to give your room a truly luxurious feel. Let's take a look at its features:


            • It comes with four lining options, i.e., unlined, privacy lining, room darkening lining and thermal blackout lining
            • You can choose from 25+ colors
            • It is made with polyester cotton silk fabric that is durable
            • They are perfect for rooms, attic, studio, staircase, open-air cottage, bathroom, pool room, entrance, restaurant, halls, or any other place
            • You can wash them in washing machines and do warm iron carefully


            • Vintage
            • Modern
            • Luxury
            • Nautical
            • Shabby Chic
            • Country
            • Coastal
            • Casual
            • Contemporary
            • Classic

              Remember, there is a Sale Going On!

              Some curtains can be out of your budget, and you cannot keep your eyes off of them due to their sophistication and design. But don't worry because the options that I told you about above are all on sale. You can also get your hands on beautiful luxurious curtains now with these steal prices!


              Wrapping Up

              Each year ends with a lot of festivities and celebrations; what better way to start a new year with some new house décor?

              TWOPAGES features some of the best curtains that can suit any style and be used in any part of the house. Whether you want your exterior to look gorgeous along with all the lighting decoration, or you want your interior to be revamped, there is something in store for everyone. It sure is cliché, but windows play quite an important role in any house or other place. They are a great source of daylight or to give your boring walls a nice pop of color. Even when you get bored of one design, you can always do some modifications and use it in some other area of your house.

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