Treat Your Windows to a Big Upgrade with TWOPAGES' 9 Best Curtains On Christmas Day

Choosing the best interior designs can make one’s home look really pleasant. Choosing the right paraphernalia can be the best bet for someone with otherwise a lousy overall interior. Curtains for windows that are not only appealing but also conforming to the overall design and color combination of the home can, needless to say, add real charm to it. Nevertheless, curtains are some of the most ignored aspects of our home design. 

First of all, curtains have real utilities for our homes. Privacy, i.e. blocking the inside view from the outside world, suppressing excess sunlight yet illuminating the house adequately are some utilities windows coverings offer.  

Given the added values and aesthetic factors curtains give us, there are numerous companies on the market that offer some of the best curtains both in qualities and variations. In this blog, we shall delve deeper into why opting for the best curtains for the imminent festivity of Christmas is a good idea. We shall also go through the important points to consider while choosing the right set of curtains. For those who are new to buying curtains, we also have enlisted 9 suggestions for buying the best curtains.

What are Christmas curtains and why do they matter?

Christmas is marked with the birth of the Lord. Thorough cleaning and decoration of the house, gatherings and guests at homes etc are some aspects intertwined with the festivity. Discarding old, dilapidated household items, namely furniture and other paraphernalia are common practices, giving way to new, often latest-in-trend and more beautiful items, in the home. Replacing the curtains is the least of the hassle, yet it gives a look of a complete changeover. We have some of the most worthwhile entries on the list and the most trending ones with iterations of newer designs. 

How to buy the right types of curtains?

Well, to begin with, knowing the types of curtains is an important step in buying the ones suiting your purpose. There are multiple options, varying minutely to drastically, trying to fit everyone’s needs and budgets in waking up their windows. They all lie on a continuum between utility and aesthetics. The below mentions are some of the choicest curtains on the market. 

1- Pinch pleated curtains

As, nowadays, the market is replete with varieties in every type of consumable product, window covering is no exception to it. However, as with other value-adding products, only a handful of types of curtains come up the fierce competition and remain in trend for a long time. Pinch pleat curtains or pinch pleats, in short, were not introduced a short while ago; nevertheless, they have stood against the test of time. 

characterized by narrow pinch-folded pleats at the top, pinch pleats are the most obvious choice for most buyers. Their easy manageability, i.e. sliding them to open or close is their highest rating factor.

Pinch pleated curtains


2- Extra size curtains

It may surprise some that curtains come in different sizes; the ones that correlate to the sizes of the windows but sizes of the curtains can also be an aesthetic factor. Extra size curtains not only cover the windows but also overlap the walls below the windows. 

Such extra large curtains don’t sway much with wind currents either. Besides, such long and oversized curtains are great at embellishing the home interior. The lengthy designs have a great sense of appeal.

extra size curtains

3- Linen curtains 

Linen is a highly absorbing and strong fabric whose application has been seen widely. It is made from flax plant-derived fibers. Curtains made up of linen retain the great qualities of the natural fabric. Moreover, linen looks sturdy and is heavy enough to resist wind currents considerably and gives a great deal of appeal to the home interior owing to its translucency. 

LIZ linen curtains and ISABELLA Linen Curtains are available in a variety of designs, sizes and forms.

Linen curtains


4- Velvet Draperies 

A smooth and shiny feel is something that catches everyone's attention. Velvet is a fabric that is nearly unique in these features. One down-marker, one can say, is that velvet as a material is too thick for light to pass through it. This can allow uncompromised privacy but offer no sunlight to illuminate the house (blackout curtain). 

Velvet curtains are the choice of the affluent and are opted for by those who want the extra lure the fabric offers. 

Velvet fold drapery has consistent wavy pleats; this consistency is maintained by the stiffness velvet as a fabric has to offer.

Velvet Draperies


BIRKIN velvet drapery is the common talk of the community. The brand has a high repute in the market.


5- Outdoor curtains

Curtains seem like rather simplistic household items, don’t they? The concept of outdoor curtains can be thought-provoking, yet it is not something we commonly ideate. Curtains may seem like a necessity for the home, there are patios and outdoor cabins that need privacy too.  Outdoor curtains are longer, thicker and heavier and thus even less resistant to wind than their indoor counterparts. The superficial looks may not give out their specific intention; however, they are made specifically to withstand rain, mold etc and have better longevity. Rose outdoor curtains is a well-known brand with multiplicity.

outdoor curtains


6- Outdoor draperies

Outdoor curtains are not the only ones that take the niche in the outdoor blinders’ market. Outdoor draperies are a great option for those who want unrelaxed standards in privacy. As with draperies in general, the outdoor draperies are shorter in length than curtains. They comprise fabric meant for heavy-duty, outdoor nature.

The EDITH waterproof drapery range of products is available in various colors and sliding tops. Velcro tab tops, pinch pleats, top aluminum grommet, top, and bottom aluminum grommet, and many more make for the multiplicity.

outdoor draperies


7- Fireproof curtains 

Curtains, no doubt, with the right choice of colors can add a great deal of vibrance to one’s home. However, due to the very nature of the materials, they are generally inflammable and can catch fire very easily.  Many residences specifically pay attention to this and purchase curtains that are resistant to fire. Some curtains are made from fabrics that are not so insidious and get automatically put off when they catch fire. 

REGAL fireproof curtains are highly fire-repellent. What’s more? They emit less smoke during a fire incidence and avoid spreading fire. 

fireproof curtains


8- Waterproof curtains

Waterproof curtains are designed specifically to protect your indoors from rain and splashes. The highly water-repellent fabrics used for making such curtains do not soak water and drip it away on contact.  Waterproof curtains may seem more usable for the outdoor environment, namely for patios, cabinets and enclosures for swimming pools. However, even for those who wish to place curtains outward for home windows, waterproof curtains are the thing they need to opt for. 

ROSE waterproof curtains are preferred in the category due to their great quality, mildew resistance and anti-bacterial properties.

waterproof curtains


9- Box pleat curtains

Box pleats are very manageable. The tops being perfectly parallel to each other, sliding them to open or close is not at all a problem.  Box-pleated curtains also look great since their pleats are evenly placed and wide.


10- Blackout curtains

Cutting out the inside view of a house for the outside world is a necessity we cannot emphasize enough. However, some people prefer completely blocking the stray light. Blackout curtains are the best if you have such a preference.

PAZ blackout curtains excel in these standards greatly due to their completely opaque polyester fabric.

blackout curtains



# Tips and Reminders for buying Christmas Curtains

Now you know the types of curtains available on the market. The next step is to put all your needs and wants together in buying the right type of curtains for the X-mas occasion. With the below tips, you can finally sort this out and be sure to make the right purchase.


1- Go with your necessity

When buying curtains online, it is easy for someone to fall for enticing designs and color combinations. As discussed, the utility factor of curtains may seem like a minuscule thing; however, that should not be a reason for someone to ignore it. 


2- Make the best of the festive offers

The Christmas festivity brings loads of benefits, namely great discount offers. The online market has already started flooding with great deals from some of the known eCommerce firms. Check the discounts and compare them with the firm’s competitors to get the best deal.


3- Choose curtains that will last longer

It is worth stating that curtains are long-lasting and can be used for years, sometimes even over a decade. Hence, when choosing them, make sure to opt for a brand. The ones mentioned in this article, Birkin, Edith, Isabella, Regal, Liz and Rose are some of the biggest trendsetters in the industry.


4- Go for the right types of curtains

As we have covered pretty much everything in curtains as to their types etc, it is important to take these features into consideration while buying them. Pinch pleats, box pleats, fire-proof curtains, water-proof curtains, extra size curtains, outdoor curtains and draperies, velvet curtains, blackout curtains, linen curtains etc are some terms to remember.



With the above-mentioned information and tips for buying curtains, you will now be able to buy curtains without missing anything important. Remembering the terms mentioned above and the names of the firms will simplify your choice. 



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