Streamlining the process of measuring drapery & shade dimensions for your convenience.

How to Measure for Shades? 

Measure Shade Tips

  • Inside mount: A clean, built-in look, 1 1/2 inches minimum depth requirement. 3/8 inch deduction taken at your actual measuring to ensure the side does not touch the edges tightly.
  • Finished width(Order width) = Window casing width minus 3/8 inch. Example: If your window casing width is 50", you should order width 49-5/8".(deduct 3/8 inch by yourself)

    Note there will be slight gaps on sides due to fabric deductions. For more light blockage, consider ordering as outside mount.


  • Outside Mount: A taller appearance. No minimum depth requirement. We recommend ordering additional width 4-6 inches to prevent light gaps on the sides of your window.
  • Order width = Outside mount headrail width.
  • Measure height to be covered from top to desired length. 2 inches overlap on each side of window is recommended for optimum light control and privacy.


How to Measure for Drapery

Measure Width and Length Correctly

Find Your Perfect Placement

  • Different curtain lengths create diverse visual experiences to your room.