Dress Up Your Windows

Drapes don't just decorate beautiful spaces. They create unique experiences that inspire people peace in heart.


TWOPAGES is a global company that goes the extra mile to offer and deliver high-quality window coverings made of the finest materials. We deliver the best possible value-added services to our customers.

We help our customers choose high-quality custom drapes and shades without breaking the bank and give them an effortless and enjoyable experience.
Our passion for our customers' emotions makes us remove layer after layer of unnecessary middlemen costs. We make sure you stay within your budget and at the same time get high-quality service.


Make shopping for drapes very easy by menu-based customization page at affordable price.


Have Effective Window Treatment Solution

We make stylish window coverings with features that help you avoid installation error while allowing you to effortlessly make your home a place as chic as you are.

We listen to your ideas and deliver high-quality drapes waking up your window.

We allow you to make your home captivating without stress.


Have Fun Beautifying Your Home!

Shopping for drapes should be a great and fun experience. Our team is committed to making your shopping experience easy and more enjoyable.

We believe any savings ultimately lead to saving time.


TWOPAGES work on three core values that have been helping us to deliver the best in all we do.
We also hold ourselves accountable for results.

We bring transparency to all our dealings. We are loyal to our promises.

We prioritize being ahead of the trend and not following.

Our passion is to go the extra mile for our client's peace of mind.

The Unpleasant Experience that births TWO PAGES Curtains.


Ray had his first experience of buying curtains in 2007 when he renovated his house. The curtain clerk told him that the payment was according to meters.

He paid with full expectation for a new look in two weeks. To his greatest surprise, the merchant who installed his curtains also gave his quotation resulting in the final price. The quotation was expensive and way above his budget. 

So he had to do away with other items on his budget to get it. He was disappointed when he discovered that is the unspoken rule in the industry. 

The Turnaround Point

The intention of improving the aesthetics of your home decor should give you joy. Unfortunately, this wasn't so for Ray. He felt sad for those that must have gone through what he experienced.

This got him thinking of what to do to make a change; to be price transparent and make the buying process simple.

The Beginning

This unpleasant experience inspired Ray to create TWOPAGES curtains based on the business philosophy of honesty, innovation, and caring.

He believes that curtains are simply "two pages", very simple, without fancy price traps.

No Pain No Gain


Our committed team consists of experienced professionals. 

• A digital operation team.

• A product devolop research team.

• A efficient production team.

We have a team in charge of sending the fabrics in an organized manner.


• Visited 100+ fabric suppliers to select high-quality and reliable high-quality fabrics

• We deliver 300+ customized fabric orders per day to our users.

• We complete order production within seven days without error.

• As of March 2022, TWOPAGES unique menu-based customization page has provided customized services to 200,000 households around the world.


We Know What We Do

We thought there should be a much simpler way to buy high-quality, custom drapes and shades that don’t cost a fortune. When we couldn’t find that place, we created it.

Savings ultimately lead to saving time. We have saved time, effort, and money for our customers. We allow our customers to stay within their budget and focus on another project.

We made it a priority to remove the middlemen from the curtain installation processes. We believed payment for quality curtains of the finest material should be core.

We have transformed window coverings from just a thing that hangs on your window into a fashion item that fits in with the modern atmosphere of your home.