TWOPAGES x Stefana Silber

Pick Your Swatch

Unique patterns and color combinations appropriate for any room.

Polka Dots & Block Prints

Large Block Prints


Wide Stripe

Double Windowpane

Introducing the TWOPAGES x Stefana Silber Collaboration

Classic Beauty

This collection was created out of the mutual passion for making any space chic and captivating.

An Exclusive Printed Drape Collection

Featuring classic prints and subtle texture, these textiles are guaranteed to make your space standout without the overwhelm.

A Unique Approach

Stefana Silber wanted to have unique patterns and color combinations that will appeal to different design styles that can be enjoyed in various settings. This became possible with TWOPAGES' collaboration.

Versatile Designs

This drape collection features the same linen blend fabric you’ve known to love, and unique patterns that are only on the front side of the material. These have the most beautiful digital print on one side of a sold base color fabric, and a solid color on the back side which make them extremely versatile.