Brand Story

Brand Story

How we get started

Ray, the founder, was decorating his own home for the first time in his life - he had his first curtain-buying experience.

He was told that the curtain price is calculated by the size, and paid his deposit. After two weeks of waiting, he was excited to get his brand new curtains but received an invoice from the store that had so many more items that he didn’t anticipate: The final price was way beyond what Ray expected. It was a bad experience.

Ray thought that there must be a lot of other customers who would love to have a piece of high quality custom curtain but are troubled with an old-fashioned process and high price. He wanted to simplify this for everyone by creating menu-based page to make buying drapes a perfect experience. This is when TWOPAGES was born.

Ray believe that saving time for customer is equal to creating value. We wish you could complete custom drapes purchase at very short time then you will have more time enjoy family.

Drapes don't just decorate beautiful spaces. They create unique experiences that inspire peace in heart.

The journey of making the best drapes

Fabric Development

Ray visited 100+ fabric factories to find the best materials, made sure the factory can handle customized orders on time.


Ray invested in digitalization so more people can get their high-quality custom curtains fast and also the curtains won’t break the bank.

Quality Control

Ray built his own factory. Until now, TWOPAGES Curtains is Popularity Worldwide as one of the custom curtains.


TWOPAGES have serviced more than 400k families in the world since the very beginning.

Our team will go extra mile to offer and deliver high quality window coverings made of the finest materials to your home without any hassle. Making sure to deliver the best possible value-added services to our families.


TWOPAGES has helped our valued customers to save time, effort, and money that will allow them to stay within their budget and focus on another project.

We also made it a priority to remove the middlemen from the curtain installation processes and custom all designs on our own factory. This is to give quality curtains of the finest material to our valued customers without spending a lot.

Be a part of TWOPAGES

We are now working with many great interior designers and influencers to bring more beautiful curtains to your home. If your vision is align with ours and if you want to be part of our growing family, visit the links below.


Trade partner program

Be a member and start enjoying your discount and perks immediately.


  • Discount across our family of brands, starting at 10% off.
  • Exclusive, in-house designs.
  • Tax-exempt purchasing online and in-stores.
  • No minimum quantities for trade orders.

Collaborate with us

Affiliate program

Earn commission by sharing links to your followers and enjoy more benefits.


  • Up to 20% commission on all sales.
  • Monthly newsletter with updates on promotion.
  • Real time reporting and sales tracking.
  • 30-day tracking cookies.