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are muted shades that appear to lack color but often have underlying hues that change with different lighting


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Navigation Light Filtering Color Protection Budget-friendly Polished Versatility Additional Privacy Sheer Window Treatments Can Spice Up Your Decor To some people, the idea of sheer curtains seems frivolous. This is because people don't think that curtains that allow light through are helpful. This actually isn't the case, however. A well-placed set of sheer drapes can have several benefits to areas like living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Light Filtering Believe it or not, despite being somewhat translucent, this style of curtain is able to help you easily adjust the amount of natural light that filters into the space. Spaces like bathrooms and living rooms often need some sunlight, but opening blinds or pulling back opaque drapes exposes the room to the full heat of the sun. Adding sheers to these windows offers a good amount of UV protection while also filtering in natural light in a less intrusive way. Color Protection As you saw mentioned above, sheer or semi-sheer wind...
Navigation Layered Sheers with Drapery Tiebacks, Swags and Valances Sheer curtains can be used in many ways to dress up a window or create a sense of breezy airiness to a room. They retain privacy while diffusing light during the daytime. Sheers can be used as the primary window dressing or be paired with other window drapery to add complexity to the décor. Today, sheers are available in a number of colors, patterns and fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, lace, voile and silk. This versatility makes them appealing for use in any room. Here, we give some ideas about how to hang sheer curtains in different ways to create a unique look for windows. Layered Sheers with Drapery     The classic use of sheers is as a partner with formal drapery. Layering lets you change the feel and look of a room by simply opening and shutting curtains. Sheers hung next to the windows let in warmth and sunlight during the day, add a touch of decoration and provide privacy. Heavier draperies hung insid...
Navigation Replicate Nature Use Classic Color Combinations Use Pattern and Texture Consult the Color Wheel Contrast Warm and Cool If you want to freshen the look of a room by changing the curtains but don't know how to coordinate window coverings with walls, floors and furnishings, let your imagination soar. When it comes to color, top designers are disregarding traditional color schemes and using bold colors in tight palettes. Using hues within families of color is the key to bringing it all together. Texture and pattern can highlight, or tone down, colors in the palette. Color can open small spaces, create a niche within a space or minimize large spaces. If you want to match new curtains with other elements such as carpets or walls, here are a few tips and guidelines. Replicate Nature When we look at the outside world, there are gradations of dark and light from earth to sky. The earth is dark, often in shades of grey, brown and terra cotta. The space between earth and sky is f...
Navigation Printed Drape Collection The Fabric Kids Rooms Shop the collection I can't say that I have finally achieved a big goal because this type of accomplishment had never even entered the realm of my imagination. But here we are – I have an exclusive printed drape collection with Two Pages Curtains. I designed the unique block print pattern and selected all other patterns and color combinations to create a neutral yet texture rich collection. My hope is that these drapes will appeal to many different design styles and will be enjoyed in various rooms and settings.     I own multiple linen pinch peat drapes from the Two Pages solid colors collection. They have even a best seller for over two years now. You can find instructions on how to Hang Drapes Like a Pro in this post. The Two Pages drapes come in a lot of width and length options. They will fit almost any window size but there is also a fully customizable option here. Table of Contents Printed Drape Collection The Fabr...
Navigation Choose from 4 TWOPAGES Curtains Linings The Right Blackout Curtains for Your Home Blackout curtains add additional value beyond sun blocking. They help you get a good night's sleep. Consider blackout curtains if you work nights and sleep during the daylight hours. Thermal Blackout curtains add thermal blocking, blocking heat loss or gain. It also provides sound insulation for peaceful sleep. Blackout curtains are not just functional but add beauty and elegance to your room. This is in addition to protecting your home from excess light and temperature. Some also provide sound blocking. Blocking out excess sunlight helps to protect your furnishings and decor from fading. Choosing the right blackout curtains depends on your personal needs. Do you need to block out extreme cold or heat? Choose blackout curtains with thermal linings. Blackout curtains come in several levels of light blocking. Some only block out 70% of the light. Others can block out almost all light. TW...
Choosing the best interior designs can make one’s home look really pleasant. Choosing the right paraphernalia can be the best bet for someone with otherwise a lousy overall interior. Curtains for windows that are not only appealing but also conforming to the overall design and color combination of the home can, needless to say, add real charm to it. Nevertheless, curtains are some of the most ignored aspects of our home design.  First of all, curtains have real utilities for our homes. Privacy, i.e. blocking the inside view from the outside world, suppressing excess sunlight yet illuminating the house adequately are some utilities windows coverings offer.   Given the added values and aesthetic factors curtains give us, there are numerous companies on the market that offer some of the best curtains both in qualities and variations. In this blog, we shall delve deeper into why opting for the best curtains for the imminent festivity of Christmas is a good idea. We shall also go through...
As winter sets in, you may be looking for home decorating ideas to brighten up your living space. Shorter days and cooler weather are often accompanied with overcast skies and less sunlight. Here are some ideas that bring cheer, warmth, color and light to the indoors during the winter months. Welcoming Entryways The entrance to your home gives a first impression and speaks about your lifestyle. Start your winter decorations at the entryway or foyer using color, texture and light to create an atmosphere that beckons guests and family to the interior. Let your entrance make a statement about your style, but keep it simple and neat. Knick-knacks, artwork, a bench with pillows or an attractive table can say a lot. Seasonal flowers, plants and boughs in pots or vases showcase the blooms and colors of the winter months. Tile, stone and wood floors are practical materials that are easy to clean during months of snow and rain. Area rugs give a hint of color, warmth and texture while prese...